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If you have been charged with a criminal or traffic offence, contact us for a free consultation.


Sydney Criminal Defence Lawyers

Have you been charged with a criminal offence? We’re here to help. Our team is knowledgeable across all aspects of Criminal Law and has litigation experience in all jurisdictions. We pride ourselves on getting the best outcome for you.

  • Our specialist Sydney criminal lawyers can assist in the following matters:
  • Possession of illicit substances
  • Assaults, including domestic violence allegations
  • Serious indictable offences, including possession of firearms
  • Bail applications and bail condition variations

We also defend traffic offences, including speeding, loss of demerit points and driving under the influence.



Arrested Or Detained? Know Your Rights

If you have been arrested or detained, we recommend exercising your right to silence until speaking with one of our Sydney criminal lawyers. In most cases, you will be able to make two phone calls, one to a lawyer and one to a family member or friend. You must be provided with space to make these phone calls in private without the police hearing you.


What If I Was Refused My Phone Calls?

Most likely, the police officer had reason to think your call might tip off someone else involved in the crime, contribute to the loss or damage to evidence or put other people in danger. You’re also likely to be refused your phone calls if you were detained over a drink. driving or drug driving matter.

If you were refused your phone calls, talk to us as soon as possible to discuss your rights. Your first chat with us is free—contact us today.


What Else Happens After Being Arrested?

The police will ask you for your name and address, search you, fingerprint you, and photograph you. They are likely to interview you and ask you to give a statement. They may also charge you and provide you with bail.

Police gather evidence and information and place charges that they present to the courts. However, the outcome of your case will be determined in court. For many clients, we’ve negotiated with police to have charges substantially reduced or dropped entirely. This is an excellent outcome.



Serious Crime Or Summary Offence?

However serious the crime, KDA Legal are here to defend you and get the best outcome. Our legal team is experienced in criminal law, including regulatory prosecutions and matters on appeal.

We act with professionalism and integrity to minimise damage to your reputation, punishment and personal stress associated with any form of legal disputation.


Minor & Summary Offences

KDA Legal are proven negotiators, and we pride ourselves on assisting clients who have been charged with minor offences. Our goal is to avoid a criminal conviction and keep your record clean.


White Collar Crimes &; Civil Disputes Related To Criminal Matters

These are some of the most complex cases, and we’re experts in commercial and civil matters when they relate to criminal law. Our legal team is ready to assist you with charges relating to fraud, embezzlement and other dishonest activities.


Serious Offences

Serious offences in New South Wales are known as Indictable Offences. For all serious offences, please contact us for free advice over a private and confidential phone call. Book now.



Why Have Others Chosen KDA Legal As Their Sydney Criminal Law Firm?


Experienced Criminal Solicitors

KDA Legal’s solicitors have appeared before all Local Courts in NSW and have a breadth of Australian Law knowledge. You can trust our advice.


Personalised Approach

We achieve the best possible results because we listen, know how the criminal justice system works, and guide you every step of the way.


Confidential Free Consultation

Free advice when you need it. If you’re facing criminal charges, we’ll ensure you know your rights and how to fight for the best result. Talk to us today.



Do I Need A Criminal Lawyer?

If you’re considering representing yourself, we’d highly advise against it. With the KDA Legal team supporting you, we’ll look for every opportunity to minimise charges and reduce sentencing. We can see opportunities at every corner, from reducing police charges and defending you in the courtroom.

While Criminal Law matters can appear to be trivial, when before a court, they can become complex and having an experienced lawyer is invaluable. It requires an in-depth knowledge of Australian Criminal Law to examine the extent of the evidence against you and ascertain if the evidence may be inadmissible.



Why Choose KDA Legal?

If you’ve been caught in a dispute and need legal advice, don’t hesitate to contact our family law solicitors in Sydney. We’ll help you uncover legal grounds you have to stand on and help you move towards the best outcome for your situation.

Our lawyers are known for successful negotiations with the police, and we’ve been able to have charges reduced or dropped entirely on multiple occasions. We recommend using your right to silence if you’ve been detained or arrested until you get in contact with one of our criminal lawyers.

Our solicitors have appeared before all Local Courts in NSW. If you’ve been charged with any minor offences, our lawyers have a strong reputation for helping our clients avoid criminal convictions. Backed by our no-win-no-fee policy, if your case is lost you will not have to pay any fees.

If you’ve been charged, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team today and we’ll offer a fully confidential and free consultation.

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